Evaluations are preformed before all training is to start. The evaluations helps the trainer learn more about the home situation, the dogs exercise routine, how he eats and behaviors during his day. From here, we come up with a plan to get the needed training for your dog and to help your relationship with him grow to new heights!
On-call training means you have one command or a strange behavior the dog has picked up and you would like “tools” you can use to desensitize the dog to the issue or teach the new command. This is only offered after an Evaluation has been preformed and is suggested.
This training is three consecutive weeks same time each week working on three goals.
This training is six consecutive weeks working on 5 goals (usually basic commands) and the last week focuses on drills to ensure the training is going well and to solidify any questions or issues either of you are having.
– Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Look, & Heel
This class is for first time dog owners or people with dogs that came from a rescue or shelter, this is a good place to start.
Basic commands lays the foundation of commands and starts a great relation ship with your dog!
– Back, Stand, Longer holds on Basic Commands, Intro to Agility work
In this class working with the basic commands that you have taught your dog we build more knowledge and ask your dog to “mentally work harder” Using the “Back” command and the “Stand” after all the “sits” he has done is work! This is also the start of confidence building as I will teach you to help him enjoy working on some agility type exercises. It is a lot of fun for both you and your dog!
– Off Leash work
Here we optimize all the training you have put into your dog by teaching him off leash work. Utilizing what he knows with out the attachment he was use to. You and your dog will have fun learning to work as a team!
In this training we work on what it takes to be able to pass a Canine Good Citizen test and we work with different people so your dog will be use to the needed behaviors as well as you will see where he can use some work. This is a great achievement to have!
Dog Dancing is a lot of fun and they even have competitions for this! Utilizing what you have learned with your dog up to this point you will work with your dog to music! Creating simple routines that builds more confidence and a bond that will last a lifetime enjoying your time with your dog! It is great mental and physical exercise for both you and your dog! Let’s have some FUN!!!