To All of Those……

This is a tribute out to all of those who take in or have taken in dogs that have had issues. Whether it be dog aggression, people aggression, was injured, left to die or rescued from a vet who wanted to put them down due to their breed! I want to personally thank all of you out there who work with these dogs who know that they are not “bad dogs” and “throw away” dogs just because they have issues. To all of you who take on medical issues, just to give those animals happiness and hope for some kind of life! For all of you that may have done that in the past and the animal has now left us! To all of you! Thank you! Thank you for seeing more in that animal than the issue they have or had. Thank you for working with them every day and giving them the best you can or giving them much better than they had as puppies or young dogs. THANK YOU! To all of you that read this please know that so many dogs go to shelters and pounds due to some “annoying” issue that that human couldn’t deal with and chose to throw that animal away and give it to someone else to care for. Please go to shelters and especially pounds where countless animals get put down due to lack of room or time for their owners to come pick them up. Please take those dogs! There are trainers out here willing to help you with any issue you may have! Give that dog a chance! I just want everyone to know that dog aggressive dogs are not bad dogs. They are good dogs that were not taught in the time frame they needed to be taught the right way to be with other dogs. Know that people aggressive dogs are not all bad dogs…. They don’t trust people. They have been done wrong by humans and are acting out against us. They are not bad dogs! PEOPLE have done this to them! They can’t help that. But the right person comes along and show that dog a better way. Myself, I can take two dog aggressive dogs and put them together to the point they sleep together with no problem. You just have to give them time to readjust and learn what is expected of them. They know how but the mental training needs to change after medical issues have been handled. THANK YOU to all of you that care for these dogs! These dogs are extra special because we put more time and attention to making sure they are safe, happy, trained better. The dog will have a life away from prejudice, and worse, death by a human. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  I would love to welcome all of you who have a dog like this or had one, to share your story with me! I know you all are out there! I love to hear their stories and how you made their life so much better than what they had to grow up in. Please tell me your stories! Bless you all! THANK YOU! From someone who knows…..

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